Sims 4 Legacy Challenge – How we play

Would you like to know what the Sims 4 Legacy Challenge actually is? Do you even want to try it yourself?

We’ll tell you where the challenge really comes from and how we have adjusted the challenge to our preferences. If you have further questions, you’re welcome to write us through our contact form. We’ll update this site every now and then.

Sims 4 Legacy Challenge – what’s about it?

The Legacy Challenge was originally invented by Pinstar, who already published it for The Sims 2. Because the challenge is still so popular, it has survived even up to The Sims 4.
The aim is to help a destitute / poor Sim with hard work but without cheats to a fulfilled life, while creating 10 generations. Most players start corresponding to the original rules on an empty lot with nothing but a toilet and a place to sleep. By the time the Sim earns enough money to build a house piece by piece. His child eventually inherits the house and can even expand.

The exact rules you’ll find at Pinstar’s homepage.

Options that we use or ignore

  • Random Legacy
    Because we do not like getting too bored, we decided to involve the random legacy challenge within our existing legacy. For every generation it’s not our choice which goals, tasks and difficulties the heir will get. Instead, we roll the dice and let it happen by fortune. Well, we actually don’t roll a dice but use a random generator from the web:
    Sims 4 Random Legacy Generator.It’s really interesting, especially when it comes to the numer of children the heir will have or the future marital status. Our story follows the game so that with every generation it’s a completely new way of narrating.
  • Rules
    Yes, there are rules. But we follow them less strict. The gameplay shall challenge us but in order to tell our stories we bend the rules here and there. However, we don’t use cheats at all – except for the building cheat.
  • Scoring
    If you already visited Pinstar’s website you know that you can earn 100 points in The Sims 4 legacy challenge by fulfilling some tasks. Although we try to fulfill some of them (like getting several skills) we don’t count our points.
  • Mods & Downloads
    Yes, we are using a lot of them. Our most custom content is for the sims to look better. 😉 We’ll tell you more about the mods we use later.

Questions? Write us a note.

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